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Congratulations to our 1st batch of approved nominees for graduate studies scholarship!

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CSU-Carig Research Journal


  • Submitted articles should be original work and should have not been published in any journal elsewhere. Submitted manuscript for the CSU-Carig Research Journal should contain the following.
    1. Title - this should contain;
      • A concise and informative title
      • List of all of author's name(s), position title, affiliations, full address, complete contact details (email and phone number). This should be written in lines following the title. The name of the main author should be written first
    2. Abstract: the abstract summarizes the key points of the manuscript. It must indicate objectives of the study, research methodology, major results and implications, using simple statements. The abstract must emphasize the key findings of the work and its general significance with 200-250 words. Generally, the abstract is written in one to two paragraphs.
    3. Key-words. A list in alphabetical order with five to seven words or short phrases.
    4. Introduction. Explain the reasons for carrying out the work, outline the essential background and clearly state the nature of the hypothesis or hypotheses under consideration.
    5. Materials and methods. Provide sufficient details of the techniques employed to enable the work to be repeated. Do not describe or refer to commonplace statistical tests in this section but allude to them briefly in Results.
    6. Results. State the results and draw attention in the text to important details shown in tables and figures. Discussion points out the significance of the results in relation to the reasons for doing the work, and place them in the context of other work(s).
    7. Citations and references

  • Important dates:
    • First call: April 18, 2016
    • Submission of paper: not later than May 6, 2016
    • Notice of Acceptance: May 10, 2016
    • Review of papers: May 11-19, 2016
    • Feedback to authors: May 12-20, 2016
    • Final paper from authors: May 25, 2016
    • Layout and editing: May 25, 216 to June 2016
    • Publication: June 2016

  • Papers should be submitted in soft and hard copy to the CSU-Carig Campus R&D Office.

  • Manuscript must be written in English and typewritten in MS Word, and should be between 7,000 and 9,000 words, including all notes and references.

  • Typewritten in 12 point font Times New Roman. The Abstract should be Italic.

  • Leave 1 inch margin for each - top, bottom, left and right.

  • List of references must be present and referred to in the manuscript. Papers without references will not be reviewed.

  • Section headers will be bold faced sentence case.

  • Once the paper is accepted, the authors will be required to send the signed copy of copyright Form.

  • The papers will be published after peer review (internally) process

  • Please visit the Campus R&D Office for further inquiries or email at csucarigresearch@yahoo.com

  • To All Faculty Researchers

    From: Carig Campus Research Office
    Subject: Comments and Suggestions to Papers Presented during the 2016 Carig Campus R & D In-house Review.

    Kindly incorporate all the comments and suggestions in the report for completed researches, in the implementation for on-going researches and in the detailed proposals for proposed researches.

    Detailed research proposals together with the timetable of activities and detailed budget should be submitted not later than May 10, 2016 to allow time for the processing and approval by the University President through the University R&D Office targeted on May 25, 2016.

    Kindly email the researches to csucarigresearch@yahoo.com

    "Summary of Comments on the Researches Presented during the
    2016 CSU-Carig Campus In-house Review
    March 30-31, 2016"


      1. Open an ATM account with any bank or UCPB or use existing debit cards of Parents/Guardians.
      2. Secure Enrollment Assessment (Inclusive of your miscellaneous and fudiciary fees given by the campus registrar)
      3. Proceed to the designated P-O-S Station in your college. Then, swipe your card.
      4. Wait for the transaction receipt.

      1. Secure Enrollment Assessment (Inclusive of your miscellaneous and fudiciary fees given by the campus registrar)
      2. Accomplish the enrollment Account (you may visit the Communications Office for Assistance).
      3. Once you are enrolled, you may now pay your bill at any UCPB ATM, Mobile Banking, Telephone Banking or visit www.ucpb.com.ph and click the Connect icon.

      1. Secure Enrollment Assessment (Inclusive of your miscellaneous and fudiciary fees given by the campus registrar)
      2. Go to any UCPB Branch.
      3. Get and accomplish a UCPB Bills Payment Slip.
      4. Present your payment together with the accomplished Payment Slip.
      5. Wait for the Validated Bills/Duplicate Copy.

    "because we want to serve you better!"

    For more inquiries, please contact:
    1. UCPB
      • (078) 844-1059 to 1061
      • www.ucpb.com
      • tuguegarao@ucpb.com

    2. Ms. Chirbet A. Miguel
      • 0917-774-4294
      • (078) 304-1949


    38th Academic Convocation


    CARIG CAMPUS RDET In-house Review


    Campus Research Agenda Setting.


    Campus Orientation Program. (1:00 PM)


    Attention:JOB SEEKERS. Join the Job Fair to be conducted by the CSU Andrews Student Government in cooperation with the Department of Labor and Employment on June 11,2013 from 8:00AM to 6:00PM.

    2016-05-05 09:16:47
    To provide the students a conducive and well-equipped Science Laboratory that will soon house state of the art laboratories, Cagayan State University Officials, members of the Board of Regents, stakeholders led the groundbreaking ceremony of the CSU Carig Campus Science Laboratory Building on May 3 . . .read more . . .
    2016-05-03 15:45:19
    "Nagsimula ang lahat sa isang pangarap"- CEO Archie on the Groundbreaking Ceremony of CHK Building

    During the groundbreaking of the College of Human Kinetics Building on May 3, 2016, Dr. Archimedes C. Articulo, Campus Executive Officer of CSU Carig Campus narrated how the construction of . . .read more . . .
    2016-04-06 10:31:45

    March 31, 2016, Andrews Campus, Tuguegarao City


    read more . . .
    2016-04-04 10:06:16

    It has been our strong conviction in Cagayan State University that the best way forward is through convergence. Scarce resources are multiplied, and missions are best achieved, when government agencies and instrumentalities converge for a common goal and are guided by one concrete vision. . . .read more . . .
    2016-02-29 07:40:38
    Unity among its faculty members and senior Computer Science students made way for CICS to conduct a program that covered systems presentation of Motorcycle Operation and Detection at the AACCUP room on February 12, 2016.

    These systems were designed not just for tracing stolen motorcycles . . .read more . . .
    2016-01-22 12:02:48

    When people work for something noble, and when people go beyond agenda that divides and promote discords, the organization may rise and reach newer heights. Carigans have demonstrated that . . .read more . . .
    2015-11-05 13:07:14
    What makes my stay at the helm of the campus as CEO truly rewarding is seeing our students grow and thriving to be the best of what they could become, especially in activities that one might not expect them to perform. With me here are the students of the College of Engineering who competed and won, . . .read more . . .
    2015-11-03 10:05:39
    In its aim to bring its Gender and Development programs closer to the community, Cagayan State University which is represented by its President Dr. Romeo R. Quilang and CSU Carig Campus Executive Officer Dr. Archimedes C. Articulo forged a Memorandum of Agreement with the Presidential Legislative Li . . .read more . . .
    2015-10-22 10:01:41
    Nagtapos ng Bachelor of Arts in Public Education, minabuti ni Kristel Anne del Castillo na subukang maghanap ng trabaho pagkatapos ng kanyang graduation noong Abril ng 2015. Hindi lingid sa lahat ang kapansanan ni Kristel. Sa katunayan marami ang humanga sa kanyang determinasyon na makatapos sa kabi . . .read more . . .
    2015-10-16 14:50:15
    The First Regional Seminar on Nuclear Science and Technology was attended by 37 participating schools in the region reaching up to more than a hundred participants.

    The campus administration showed its support to the activity by providing the registration fee of the faculty members from Car . . .read more . . .
    2015-10-05 18:15:22
    In its quest to provide quality instruction to its clients, the College of Information and Computing Sciences conducted the 2015 Syllabi Review and Enrichment on September 29,2015 at the CICS Conference Room, CSU Carig, Tuguegarao City. The activity was participated by the different Associate Deans . . .read more . . .
    2015-09-03 13:31:00
    The Commission on Higher Education recently granted Certificate of Program Compliance to 24 programs offered in CSU Carig Campus. An assessment team from CHED came to evaluate the programs and monitor its compliance to Policies, Standards and Guideline set by CHED.

    The 24 programs incl . . .read more . . .
    2015-08-12 09:10:18
    Cagayan State University took pride with Tuguegarao City as another page of history was unfolded during the second year celebration of the Pavvurulun-AFI Festival 2015, last August 7, 2015 along Enrile Boulevard, in front of the City Hall.

    Last year was the first blow of the said festival a . . .read more . . .
    2015-08-05 17:41:17
    Doing its share in mitigating climate change and strengthening the greening efforts of the campus, the NSTP of Carig Campus recently spearheaded an off-campus tree planting activity on July 24, 2015 at Barangay Namabbalan, Tuguegarao City. This is anchored on target of the campus NSTP to . . .read more . . .
    2015-08-12 09:00:57
    The Cagayan State University – Carig Faculty Association, in its aim to update faculty members on the services offered by some government agencies, conducted a symposium with the theme, “Talk Mo, IkakapanatagKo,” on June 19, 2015 at the CICS Conference Hall.

    Officials of the Cari . . .read more . . .
    2015-08-05 09:25:46
    In keeping with one of the objectives of the Panaddamman Mvsevm, that is, to share newly discovered knowledge on the history of the Cagayanos as a people, it invited prominent researchers and lecturers from the National Museum, University of the Philippines Diliman and The National d’ Historie in Pa . . .read more . . .
    2015-08-05 09:28:27
    Dr. Romeo R. Quilang, the President of Cagayan State University, expressed his gratitude to the Local Government of Rizal and the line agencies for their overwhelming support in the conduct of the Operation Blessing dubbed as Tuwid na Daan Tungo sa Kanayunan People’s Caravan, on July 03, 2015 at Riz . . .read more . . .
    2015-08-05 09:28:44
    Dr. Archimedes C. Articulo, the Campus Executive Officer of CSU Carig Campus warmly welcomed the freshmen and the transferees during the Campus general orientation on July 06, 2015.

    After telling the students that they made the right decision in choosing Carig Campus, Dr. Articulo enumer . . .read more . . .
    2015-08-05 09:21:30
    In its desire to provide better health services to students, Cagayan State University Carig Campus, made the clinic more functional by hiring additional clinic staff on contract of service.

    In an interview, Dr. Archimedes Articulo echoed the importance of hiring additional nurses who will s . . .read more . . .
    2015-07-30 09:02:37
    To remind everyone to be conscious and cognizant about their health, the Cagayan State University, Carig Campus celebrated the Nutrition Month last July 27, 2015 at the Red Eagle Gymnasium with the theme, TIMBANG IWASTO SA TAMANG NUTRISYON AT EHERSISYO. The celebration started with a Zumba Se . . .read more . . .
    2015-07-31 16:46:39
    On July 3, 2015, the Cagayan State University, together with its partner agencies, visited Rizal, Cagayan for another Operation Blessing that endeavoured to bring not only the services of the university but also the services of the national government closer to the doorsteps of the people. More t . . .read more . . .

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