University Vision

Transforming lives by educating for the best.


University Mission

Cagayan State University is committed to transform the lives of people and communities through high quality instruction and innovative research, development, production and extension.


Core Values

The Cagayan State University vision and mission are ably supported by six (6) core values which constitute a formidable base to guide and support the CSU administration in the operation of all its programs and projects. The core values are captured in the Taglish acronym, PA-CARE: Productivity, Accessibilty, Compassion, Accountability, Relevance, Excellence.

College Goal

Graduates of the COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES are expected to:

  1. Display advanced knowledge in the fields of arts and sciences
  2. Apply researched - based concepts, theories and principles to current problems and issues
  3. Demonstrate a strong sense of commitment and moral values
  4. Provide responsive and empowering community extension services for the development of the people in the countryside

Program Objectives

Graduates of the AB MASS COMMUNICATION PROGRAM are expected to:

  1. Exhibit creativity, innovativenss, resourcefulness and professional ethics in their practice of free, yet responsible mass communication
  2. Demonstrate superiority ability in communication, broadcasting, journalism, research and extension
  3. Utilize theories and research in their media production
  4. Demonstrate necessary skills for managerial positions in media facilities