CSU as a regional research center in the generation of knowledge and development of technologies relevant to the pursuit of academic excellence and global competitiveness as well as a preferred partner of national and international research centers in the implementation of relevant researches .


Seeks to contribute to the pursuit of better and fuller life people in the region through excellence in research , translated into empowered communities and invigorated instruction .

Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide leadership in the generation , transfer and commercialization of knowledge and appropriate technologies for local and national development.
  2. Continuously build up human and physical facilities to enhance competitiveness and excellence in research and extension.
  3. Enhance the utility of research outputs through the use of generated knowledge in instruction; publication of journals, both refereed and non-refereed as well as to the packaging and delivery of technologies for intended users to aid in community building.
  4. Serve as training ground for future researcher.
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