Admission Policies

Students shall not be denied admission to the University by reason of race, age, sex, socio-economic status, religion, political affiliation, or ideological conviction provided he is physically and mentally fit.

Admission Requirements

Graduate Level

Undergraduate Transcript of Records
Prescribed weighted average by the college
Passing rate in the admission test
Copy of scholarship contract for scholars

Undergraduate Level

Entering freshmen desiring to enroll in any of the degree courses must qualify in the CSU Admission test administered in all the campuses. The following are the requirements:
  1. A passing rate in the CSU Admission Test
  2. Form 138 or HS card
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character from head of school or guidance counselor
  4. Police clearance and Barangay clearance
  5. Five (5) copies I.D. picture
  6. Birth certificate (photocopy)

For Transfer Students

Students from other institutions of higher learning may be admitted to the University subject to the following rules on academic affairs:
  1. A transfer student shall take the College Admission Test (CAT) if classified first year in the first semester. However, if he has satisfied all the academic requirements for first year, he shall take the qualifying exam (QE).
  2. He must satisfy the weighted average prescribed by the college; Only comparable basic subjects shall be credited;
  3. He must finish 60% of the total units of his academic degree immediately preceding graduation;
  4. He must submit an honorable dismissal, police clearance, a certification of good moral character, and a referral letter from a previous professor.

For Students with Title and/or Degree

Academic degree from any institution of recognized standing may be enrolled as determined by the College Dean. However, before a student is allowed to major in any discipline, the College Dean/Department Chairman concerned may prescribe additional general education and/or preparatory courses for the mejor field.

For Foreign Students

Foreign students may be admitted to any academic program of the University subject to some requirements as for Filipino nationals; Provided that they qualify in the language medium of instruction; provided further, that Filipino applicants have priority over them; and provided finally that a reciprocal agreement exists between the foreigner's country and the Philippines.

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