History of CAS

By virtue of a board resolution in 1982, the College of Arts and Sciences was conceived. The board approved the offering of Bachelor of Arts degree major in Economics, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. However, before the end of School Year 1985-1986, the Bachelor of Arts curricular offering were revised to the effect that courses in the sciences became Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science Major in Economics.

From this simple begining, the College has grown significantly not only in terms of faculty and student number but also in terms of curricular offerings - Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (1987), Bachelor of Science in Physics (1988), Bachelor of Science in Psychology (1990), Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (1991), Bachelor of Arts in Cooperative (1992), Bachelore of Arts in Legal Management (1995), Bachelore of Arts in Philosophy and Languages (1997), Bachelore of Science in Information Technology (1998), Bachelore of Science in Environmental Science (1999) and Bachelore of Arts in Political Science (1999), Bachelore of Science in Enterpreneurship (2002). This growth of the College has made the university more responsive to regional development.

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