College of Industrial Technology

The College of Industrial Technology provides a holistic education to its students and worldwide career opportunities to its graduates. It offers global Industry affiliation and Technology skills orientation. Thus, it provides academic excellence, skills mastery and desirable work ethics.




Accelerate the Development of Middle-level and managerial manpower required by the Country's Economic recovery and Industrial Program as well as enhance Global Competencies and employability.


  1. General:
    The program aims to prepare individuals for entrance to and advancement in the middle level technical and technicial positions in industry that will provide liason linkages and coordination between the tradesmen in the workshops and the engineers or technologist.
  2. Specific:
    1. To inculcate desirable values and work ethics as a council factor in national development.
    2. To develop tradesmen and broad technician skills in a particular field of technology.
    3. To provide technical/technological knowledge and information which will enable the individual to analyze job problems, to determine appropriate solutions and to perform problem solving tasks.
    4. To provide general education that will enable the individual to behave and interact effectively and efficiently within his social occupational milieu.
    5. To develop entrepreneurial competencies that will lead to self-employment.

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