On June 11, 1978, His Excellency President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed Presidential Degree 1436 “Merging the Cagayan Valley College of Arts and Trades and Northern Luzon State College of Agriculture into a State University, transferring the college level courses of Aparri College of Fisheries, Aparri School of Arts and Trades, Gonzaga National Agricultural Vocational School and Western Cagayan School of Arts and Trades into said University, providing a Charter for this purposes, and appropriating funds therefore.

Long before the establishment of the Cagayan State University, school that were merged to become the University in the Region 02 were already offering courses that were basically technical and vocational, fishery and agricultural courses.

The College of Technology, now called College of Industrial Technology, Cagayan State University at Carig, Tuguegarao City therefore, by the nature of its program offerings already existed long before the birth of the University.

As a distinct college however, it started offering the Two-Year Technical Course leading the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education at CSU Caritan Campus which was then transferred to CSU Carig Campus. Later on, as one of the recognized recipient-institutes to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Assisted Technical Vocational Education Project, the two year course likewise led to the opening of a three course, the Diploma in Industrial Technician (DIT).

The DIT was offered for the first time starting the school year 1984-1985 as a program of the Technical and Vocational Education Project (TVEP) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (MECS). It is being introduced to a train young people in technical skills to meet the demands of the industry and improve socio-economic development of the country.

Endowed with well-trained faculty as a result of the Faculty Development Program for Industrial Technology which was funded likewise by Asian Development Bank (ADB), the college opened the degree course Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology which was first offered in CSU at Aparri campus and later at campuses of Tuguegarao, Lasam and Sanchez Mira.

Presently, the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology is a ladderized course to provide a certain degree of skills for students who may not exit earlier in order to join the industry workforce. Graduates of the four-year course are prepared for jobs in companies, industries locally-or abroad or may work as entrepreneurs. They may also choose to be self-employed.

Essential component of the ladderized curriculum is its On-the-Job Training (OJT). This is imperative to improve occupational credibility of the students as this will provide exposure to real life working methods and actual operations of machinery and equipment.

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