The goal of CSU College of Medicine is to enhance our regional, national and international recognition as a credible medical school known for excellence of our teaching, research and service. We will continue to be a significant player in the training of competent, compassionate physicians especially for the medically underserved communities and populations. The College likewise endeavours to be an exemplar in broadening access to Medical education and ultimately access to cost effective medical care and service for our country men.


     The CSU College of Medicine shall produce competent, compassionate, ethical and socially responsive medical graduates who shall be health care providers, health educators, researchers, community leaders and social mobilizers as they practice holistic medical care.


To be socially accountable medical institution

    In education

  1. By offering a competency and outcomes based curriculum by preparing students to critically assess and provide quality care and practice cost effectiveness in the delivery of health care.
    In service

  1. By providing affordable, accessible and quality medical education to medical students from all sectors of the society.
  2. By providing community service giving priority to the less privileged sectors of the society, the women and children, the mentally ill, elderly and indigenous peoples.
    In research

  1. By conducting researches giving priority to studies on local and national health problems and the most prevalent illnesses in conformity with the university research thrusts.

Policies, Rules and Regulations of the College of Medicine and Surgery


Article 1. These policies, rules, regulations and standards shall be known as “Policies, Rules, Regulations and Standards for the College of Medicine and Surgery of the Cagayan State University.”


Article 2. The administration of the College of Medicine is headed by the Dean assisted by the Program Coordinators, Department Chairperson, Section heads, Faculty and Staff.

Article 3. The CMS administration shall perform the following general functions:

  • Exercise overall administration and supervision of the CMS under an atmosphere of academic freedom and responsibility for the attainment of its mission and vision.
  • Formulate policies rules, regulations and standards governing the administration of the college and ensure their strict implementation.
  • Update, expand and continuously improve the physical and human resource of the college.
  • Ensure the full operation of the university and college goals in instruction research, extension and production.
  • Perform all other functions as may be required or authorized by law.


    Article 4. Entering freshman for the M.D Program desiring to enroll in the College of Medicine must fulfill the following criteria for admission:

  • An applicant must be of good moral character.
  • An applicant must have no record of final conviction for a crime.
  • An applicant must have good academic record in compliance with the standards set forth by admission committee.
  • An applicant must undergo and pass the interview process on the date scheduled by the Admissions Committee.
  • A student may apply only once per school year. He shall be ranked on documents submitted prior to his/her interview.
  • The college has the prerogative to determine the number of students who shall be admitted based on the quota as recommended by the CHED Technical Panel for Medical Education.
  • Filipino Students shall be given priority in admission. A specified quota shall likewise be allotted to a Foreign Students to seek admission to the College.
  • A student qualified for enrolment but failed to enroll in that particular school year shall have to reapply and undergo the screening process.
  • An applicant must have complied the following criteria.

  • Admission Requirements:

  • Students are admitted only to the first year class in the first semester.
  • He/she must be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Science of Art (AB/BS) conferred upon by a duly recognized educational institution. The following are the preferred preparatory programs: BS Biology (and its equivalents), and Allied Sciences programs like BS Medical Technology, BS Pharmacy, BS Nursing, BS Public Health and BS Physical Therapy. Others BS and BA degree holders should take extra units in the Biological Sciences, Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy, Chemistry (including Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Physics.
  • He/she must have taken the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT). The Cagayan State University requires an NMAT percentile rank of at least 40%.
  • He/she must present a Certificate of Good Moral Character.
  • He/she must present a Birth Certificate. The applicant must not be over thirty-six (36) years old and not less than nineteen (19) years old at the time of admission.
  • He/she must submit a Transcript of Records showing completion of a degree course.
  • For graduates of private schools, the Transcript of Records is validated by a Special Order from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). For graduates of public schools, the Diploma of Certificate of Graduation must be presented.
  • The applicant must have a weighted average equivalent to 2.5 (80) or better in all his/her College subjects for the degree obtained, or in the first seven semesters for the College degree being pursued if the students is graduating in the second semester of the current year.

  • Article 5. The following requirements are to be submitted upon application.

    1. Local Applicants
      • Duly accomplished application form.
      • Original copy of transcript of records showing completion of a degree course with a special order No. for graduates of private colleges and universities/Certified true copy of grades of the last 3½ years of AB/BS degree if not yet graduated.
      • Certified true copy of Diploma/Certificate of graduation.
      • Original NMAT rating with a minimum percentile rating of 40%.
      • Birth certificate on NSO security paper.
      • Certificate of good moral character and recommendation from two previous professors from the college where the applicant graduated.
      • Police or NBI clearance.
      • Four (4) passport size pictures.
      • Neuropsychiatric and Psychological Evaluation.
      • Result of Drug Testing from CVMC.
      • Medical Examination Result conducted by the college with the attached laboratory result e.g. CBC, Chest X-ray.
      • Entrance exam result conducted by the college.
    2. Foreign Applicants
      • One (1) copy of College Official Transcript of Records and Certificate of Graduation (Diploma), duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate Office in the applicants country of origin; (with red ribbon)
      • Notarized photocopy of passport pages where photo, name, birthdate and birthplace appear.
      • Notarized Police Clearance issued by the National Police Authorities in the student country of origin; (latest)
      • Medical health certificate with routine laboratory tests and chest x-ray requirements.
      • Three (3) original PERSONAL HISTORY STATEMENT (PHS) with photos and signature.
      • Four (4) 2x2 pictures.
      • National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) result with a passing mark of 40% or better.
      • Certificate of Eligibility for Admission to Medicine (CEAM) from the Philippine Commission on Higher Education.
      • All other requirements specified under local applicants as may be applicable.

    Article 6. Criteria for Selection of Applicants

    The following criteria shall serve as basis for the selection of applicants who met the minimum NMAT requirement of 40 percentile shall be ranked accordingly:
  • Scholastic Record/Grades in Undergraduate
  • Interview
  • Honors/Awards received
  • Permanent residence preferably in 6th class or low income municipalities
  • Post graduate studies/board licenses
  • School graduated
  • Neuro/Psychiatric performance
  • No current siblings enrolled in the college
  • Indigenous minority
  • Entrance exam results

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