Cagayan Valley is one of the most deprived areas in the country, when it comes to health conditions. This is the very reason why this medical institution was thought of – health for all Cagayanos by the year 2000.

With these in mind the CSU took the initiative in putting up an institution which can deliver the health manpower, medical doctors, for Cagayan. Feasibility studies were made, as early as 1987, about operational expenses and maintenance in running a College of Medicine.

Formal application together with the studies were presented to the Board of Trustees – then chaired by Secretary of Education Fabella for final approval of the Office of the President in Malacañang.

Approval was handed down to the Administrators of the university in August 1991 with the permit to operate being released from the DECS contained in a letter from Sec. Fabella.

The College of Medicine came into being on June 1993. The faculty and the first students entering the first year of medical education was presented by the College Dean during the anniversary celebration of the university to the public.

The Dean was a very respectable man. The Father of Neurology in the Philippines and a former Dean of UST, Dr. Gilberto Gamez. In the latter months of 1993, Dr. Romualdo Anselmo took over the responsibility of leading the college onward. At the entry of 1994, Dr. Anselmo could not continue this responsibility because of health problems.

The next Dean was also a celebrated physician, in the person of Dr. Gloria Roque, an Endocrinologist and a renown Physiologist. Because of so many demands for her services she could only act as the consultant Dean, where she directed all school activities through her to Assistant Deans. Because the Commission of Higher Education and the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges highly recommends that a permanent resident Dean should be appointed by the University Administration, one of the Assistant Deans was chosen to the desired Academic Dean for the College of Medicine. Dr. Florejos Gorospe was sworn into office on March 1, 1996.

Historical Highlights

A project feasibility study for the establishment of a College of Medicine is prepared by Cagayan State University (CSU) and subsequently approved by the CSU Board of Regents.

Minister of National Defense Juan Ponce Enrile, Assemblyman Antonio Carag, Assemlyman Alfonso Reyno and Gov. Justiniano Cortes endorse the immediate implementation of the project to establish a College of Medicine at CSU to His Excellency President Ferdinand Marcos. Shortly thereafter, Pres. Marcos approves the establishment of the CSU College of Medicine in consortium with the Cagayan Valley Regional Hospital as its base hospital.

The implementation of the project was aborted by the EDSA Revolution. President Corazon Aquino issues a moratorium on the opening of medical schools.

Congressman Domingo Tuzon submits House Bill No. 28374 entitled "AN ACT ESTABLISHING A COLLEGE OF MEDICINE at the Cagayan State University, Tuguregarao, Cagayan."

Hon Isidro Carino, Secrtetary of the Dept of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) recommends approval of the bill subject to compliance with the provisions of DECS Order No. 119, s1990.

Rev. Fr. Ranhilio Aquino, Superindendent of the Catholic Schools strongly endorse to Sec. Carino the application for the opening of the CSU College of Medicine.

Hon. Franklin Drilon, Executive Secretary, under the authority of the President of the Republic of the Philippines approves the establishment of the CSU College of Medicine subject to compliance weit the provisions of DE CS Order No. 119, s1990.

Dr. Armando Crtes, CSU president submits to DECS details of compliance of CSU to the provisions of DECS Order No. 119, s199190.

The permit to operate duly signed by Hon. Armand fabella, DECS Secretary is granted

The College of Medicine and Surgery formally opens with Dr. Gilberto Gamez, a Cagayano, former Dean of the UST College of Medicine and renowned neurologist as its first Dean, with eight (8) faculty m embers and twenty one (21) first year students.

The Commission on Higher education (CHED), created under RA 7722. in 1994 grants authority to Cagayan State University to operate a College of Medicine with Government Permit No. 006 pursuant to the provisions of RA 2706 as amended and Education Act of 1982.

A team composed of representatives from the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation (APMCF), Department of Health and the CHED audit the College of Medicine. Their conclusion: "The College of Medicine and Surgery of CSU has the potential of a quality medical school."

The first batch of medical graduates (eight students) are conferred the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

The CSU College of Medicine and Surgery posts 100% passing rate in the Physician Licensure Examinations.

The College of Medicine successfully hosted the 35th Annual Convention of the APMCF.

Dr. Roger P. Perez, President of CSU, vertically articulates the undergraduate and graduate school. Masters in Public Health is offered under the College of Medicine.

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