The College of Engineering of the Cagayan State University was conceived in 1981 pursuant to the national development goal of providing the manpower requirements of the country, particularly region 2 in rural development through Science and Technology. It provides avenues to quality Engineering education to all students who have the propensity to Mathematics and Science regardless of race, sex, socio-economic status, religion and political affiliation or ideology.

In 1981, under the pioneer Dean, Eng. Jose Borja, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering was the lone course offering. In 1988, six years later, under Dean Dominador Agatep, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering were offered. The offering of the latter in Tuguegarao City Campus closed the same program in Lallo Cmapus and Piat Campus. In 1990, two years later, Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering and bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering followed suit. The gradual expansion of course offering has made the University more responsive to regional development.

Since 1986, the college has been providing graduating students with very impressive performance in the licensure board examination, making the University at par with reputable engineering schools.

Other than instructions as its major thrust, the college engages in research and extension activities in aid of community activities. The college go beyond putting instruction as a benchmark to the needs of the students and the community research as a thematic instrument and community extension as the application tool.

It engages in various accreditation institutions to oversee the progress and covalescence of its very nature as a learning avenue.

Today, the College continues to strengthen its thrust to further contend in the millennium trends.

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