E-Resource Center


This area is intended for online searching with computer sets available for library users. E-Books are available here for research. The library has no control over the information accessed and cannot be held responsible for the content, accuracy or quality of the information retrieved.


      1. Downloading of files such as Videos/Movies, Music and computer programs.
      2. Using of any software, not owned by the library, to install programs, or upload/download software or information from personal computer discs, CD-ROMS, flash drives or the Internet.
      3. Installing or connecting unauthorized technical devices like flash drives. Only the Administrator can do the file sharing for you. Changing system or software configurations, installing any software of any type, disconnecting hardware, installing hardware, or changing hardware configurations.
      4. Using a computer system to send forged e-mail, bulk mail, unsolicited voluminous or frequent e-mail, illegally share copyrighted materials with others, or to fraudulently misrepresent the user’s identity in any communications.
      5. Chatting, game playing and watching movies.
      6. Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr...) and video sharing websites (Youtube, Dailymotion...). Perhaps if for educational purposes, you may contact the Administrator to temporarily enable the blocked websites.


  1. Students will register at the Logbook.
  2. The staff will designate the student to a vacant computer unit.
  3. The student can now use his/her daily one hour usage on a specific computer unit. He can extend up to one hour only to utilize the computer.
If the student wants to save files on their flash drives, he/she must approach the staff. The staff will scan first their flash drives before saving to protect the computers from viruses.