Library Sections

  • reference section

    This section consists of current and back issues of newspapers, magazines, journals, pamphlets and vertical files. It supplements the book collection by providing up to date information covering current topics that may not yet available in books. Collections in this section are for room use only.

  • general collection section

    The section with the biggest number of holdings on non-fiction books pertaining to various subjects such as generalities, philosophy and psychology, religion, social sciences, languages, natural sciences and mathematics, technology (applied science) arts, literature, geography and history. These are local and foreign books and are available for daily circulation and overnight loans.

  • specialized filipiniana section

    The collection includes books that specialized only about the Philippines such as culture, history, literature and other subjects written by Filipino authors with information solely about the Philippines published both in the Philippines and abroad. These collections are for daily circulation and overnight loans.

  • fiction section

    This includes wide variety of stories and novels written by famous writers available for recreational reading. Fictions can be borrowed for home use within 7 days and can be renewable for another 7 days.

  • academic research section

    This section houses collections of theses and dissertations of the graduate school, student researches and faculty researches. These are limited for room use only.

  • medical section

    This section includes solely medical books intended for medical and veterinary students and faculty.

  • electronic media center

    This section is has a collection of CDs, VCDs, DVDs, slides, filmstrips, and other educational electronic sources of information.

  • archive section

    Books that were removed from the active collection because it is already out of date but can still be used as supplementary references when needed.

  • rare books

    These are collections that are rare due to its early printing, special character and historical interest. These are kept for preservation.

  • reserved book section

    In this section are books that are often used by the students but of limited copy. They are separated as reserved to be circulated only inside the library and not for overnight. These are books that are of 1 or two copies only.

  • technical section

    It is in this section where the mechanical and technical processing of received library materials is done before they are filed in the shelves for circulation. Within this section is where the damaged books are also repaired.

  • ciculation section

    This section handles the front desk operation of the library and the most widely use section. It is the first contact point for library users where all the library collections are checked out and checked in. Efficiently functioning Circulation Desk leaves a lasting impression on the user. Hence, it is a very important section of the library.

  • e-resource center

    This area is intended for online searching with computer sets available for library users. E-Books are available here for research. The library has no control over the information accessed and cannot be held responsible for the content, accuracy or quality of the information retrieved.