CSU Carig Campus establishes a functional Campus Clinic

Chirbet A. Miguel
Time Posted: 2015-08-05 09:21:30

In its desire to provide better health services to students, Cagayan State University Carig Campus, made the clinic more functional by hiring additional clinic staff on contract of service.

In an interview, Dr. Archimedes Articulo echoed the importance of hiring additional nurses who will serve a population of almost 12 thousand students and more or less 500 employees in the campus.

The campus, through the Human Resource Office headed by Ms. Michelle Bulusan, hired two new additional nurses, a part-time campus dentist and a nursing aide who will help provide medical services in the campus. This move was considered in order to ensure among students that a safety net for basic healthcare exists at CSU Carig Campus.

The Campus Executive Officer articulated that the campus clinic now has become functional in providing immediate attention to the healthcare needs of all students and employees. The clinic staff targets the availability of student health records at the campus clinic which is a clear show that students are handled and treated medically based on their existing health records. Moreover, the campus nurses, also find time to go from one office to another and check the blood pressure of employees.

Added to this, the campus also assigned a nurse in-charge of the foreign students. Janice Rosopa, one of the newly hires, even conducts visit among foreign students to personally check on the status of their health condition.

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