We bring the services of CSU and line agencies closer to the doorsteps of the people - Pres. Quilan

Patrianne M. Padua
Time Posted: 2015-08-05 09:28:27

Dr. Romeo R. Quilang, the President of Cagayan State University, expressed his gratitude to the Local Government of Rizal and the line agencies for their overwhelming support in the conduct of the Operation Blessing dubbed as Tuwid na Daan Tungo sa Kanayunan People’s Caravan, on July 03, 2015 at Rizal, Cagayan.

He emphasized in his message that the Operation Blessing would be of great help to the people of the community especially that the national government agencies converged in bringing their services closer to the people. Moreover, Dr. Quilang also stressed the significant role of Cagayan State University in organizing the Caravan. He explained that the program is a concrete manifestation of the extension modality developed by the University which is the One College, One Municipality (OCOM) which assigns the college the role of an intermediary, the lead entity, or the liaison, between the university, the National and Local Government Unit (LGU), and the townspeople and the community.

Rizal, Cagayan was the second municipality that was served by the Operation Blessing. It is yet to serve 27 municipalities of Cagayan.

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