NSTP spearheads Tree Planting activity

Chirbet A. Miguel
Time Posted: 2015-08-05 17:41:17

Doing its share in mitigating climate change and strengthening the greening efforts of the campus, the NSTP of Carig Campus recently spearheaded an off-campus tree planting activity on July 24, 2015 at Barangay Namabbalan, Tuguegarao City. This is anchored on target of the campus NSTP to concentrate its tree planting activities along riverbanks of the different barangays in the city.

The tree planting activity, which was participated in by a group of NSTP students as well as NSTP teachers, was made possible because of the different bamboo species and other plants provided by the National Tobacco Administration thru Dr. Corazon N. Riazonda.

In an interview with the Campus NSTP Coordinator, Prof. Elma Gismundo, she said that the campus also received a total of 4,320 seedlings and still waits for 3,000 more seedlings to be planted within the campus.

“Now, NSTP group has planted 2,302 seedlings in different areas of the campus. This is a continuous activity of the NSTP with the aim of greening our campus,” said Prof. Gismundo.

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