CICS conducts University-Wide Syllabi Review and Enrichment

Time Posted: 2015-10-05 18:15:22

In its quest to provide quality instruction to its clients, the College of Information and Computing Sciences conducted the 2015 Syllabi Review and Enrichment on September 29,2015 at the CICS Conference Room, CSU Carig, Tuguegarao City. The activity was participated by the different Associate Deans and faculty members of the University.

Prof. Edison D. Bravo, CICS University Dean delivered a welcome remarks before the group highlighting the importance of enriching the syllabi by integrating the outcomes-based approach to student learning which is a student-centered approach. He emphasized that the learning environment that students are in, is of paramount importance in shaping the minds of the students. But it is more important to realize that there is no end to implementing outcome-based approaches. It is an iterative and continual process of improvement that is never done. “Nevertheless, as long as we keep sight of our goal, that is to improve the quality of teaching and learning and give the students what they deserve, we shall have achieved our intended outcome”, he said. Prof. Arlen B. Calimag, the Department Chair of BSCS presented the mechanics of the syllabi workshop and the goals of the activity while the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Mariden Ventura-Cauilan who delivered a message stressed out three important aspects of OBE. She said, “OBE is a theory, it is an approach and a philosophy”.

Before the workshop started, Prof. Kristoffer Mangussad, BSIT Dept. Chair presented the Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Domains specifically on the cognitive domain. Likewise, faculty members were grouped based on their field of specialization during the workshop proper. Since, the syllabi review was time-bounded, the language and the mathematics groups presented their outputs before the lunch break. In the afternoon, the rest of the groups also presented their outputs in the major subjects with some comments and suggestions from the participants.

Prof. Arlen Calimag giving some mechanics for the Syllabi Workshop and the Goals of the Review

Dr. Mariden V.Cauilan, VP for Academics talks on OBE Principles

Prof. Kit Mangussad on his overview of the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning

Prof. Edison Bravo delivering his welcome remarks

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