CICS designs First Four Motorcycle Detection Systems in the Region

By Sarah Jane Redoble
Intern, Communications Office
Time Posted: 2016-02-29 07:40:38

Unity among its faculty members and senior Computer Science students made way for CICS to conduct a program that covered systems presentation of Motorcycle Operation and Detection at the AACCUP room on February 12, 2016.

These systems were designed not just for tracing stolen motorcycles but also for faster and more reliable report of different motorcycle violations such as drunk driving, physical injuries due to negligent driving, driving without license, etc. in the province of Cagayan.

“The crime incidents due to motorcycle accidents and violations ay nagpapataas ng crime volume natin dito sa Cagayan. Now, there must be a way of addressing these. Aside from better policing, kailangan din ng systems like what you are developing. In that sense, fast and reliable system of information sharing among our PNPs and COMPACTS will result to lesser/ decreased incidents,” began Dr. Archimedes Articulo, CSU- Carig Campus’ CEO, before the presentation.

Further, Mr. Dexter Dumayag, professor and the Extension Coordinator of CICS, provided the answer for the question: why did they come up with those four systems?, saying, the two- long days of reporting and making blotters of the Police often slows down the process of solving the incidents, hence resulting to the creation and implementation of such systems as a solution.
“Pag na-implement na itong mga ganitong systems, madali na lang matra- track yung mga nawawalang motors since iisang website na lang yung gagamitin ng mga police dito sa Cagayan for the incidents. Ang gagawin na lang nila is ita-type lang yung unique identifier ng motorcycle (example yung VISA, Plate number, Chassis or engine number) and then the system now will tell kung itong motor ba na ito na ginagamit ng isang tao is nakaw o nawawala,” he added.

The participants, on the other hand, introduced two types of their four systems of motorcycle detection during the presentation: the Stand-alone and the Web- based. The former involved the consolidation and forwarding of reports of missing motorcycles and other motorcycle incidents, while the latter includes text messaging.

“Their systems are good. Hopefully, we can soon implement one of the softwares these students developed,” stated Dean Edison Bravo when asked about his expectation on the said program.
The systems that were approved by the CEO will undergo development and will soon be defended in CPPO R02, waiting to be implemented.

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