Time Posted: 2016-10-11 08:00:37

The Cagayan State University has once again on the battleground as it faces another challenge, the AACCUP Level III Phase 1 and Level 1 Accreditation Survey Visit on nine (9) academic programs. The opening ceremony was really overwhelming and as the accreditors from different schools enter the CICS conference room, the crowd was filled with different emotions. The administration and the faculty were nervous but at the same time thrilled because they finally see the outcome of their great dedication and hardwork, the fruits of their labor. Dr. Lina Garan, OIC Campus Executive Officer of CSU Carig delivered her opening remarks with great confidence to challenge and inspire the administration and faculty to really be motivated in striving and achieving excellence. She quoted that “the quest for excellence is a never ending endeavor”. She also reminded everyone that dedication and consistency should always be exemplified in order to become the best. Dr. Mariden V. Cauilan, OIC President of the Cagayan State University also gave her message with sincerity to show why the Cagayan State University is among the top universities nationwide. She was really proud of the hardworking, dedicated and competitive faculty members of CSU who are really destined to help achieve University’s vision. On the other hand, Dr. Sanjay Claudio, the AACCUP Overall Coordinator gave a very brief overview of the accreditation visit, after which, he introduced the members of the AACCUP team. Likewise, the task force of the different Colleges was introduced by their respective College Deans. Courage is shown by those who are thirsty for victory and in this challenge that the University is facing, let everyone overcome it because they are more than conquerors who are committed to provide quality and excellence.

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